Graffiti cleaning cost

For graffiti cleaning, the cost are a very important part. For small graffities, you are surely well advised with conventional chemical means. But in cases where a large surface needs to be freed from graffiti, only mechanical methods work. Furthermore, one must remember that the environmental regulations have tightened considerably in recent years. Violations of environmental regulations are now severely punished.

The graffiti cleaning costs depend on the size of the area to be cleaned, which paint was used and the material the base coat consists of. Very quickly the considerable cost from 30 to 70 € per sqm can come up. Because of the high environmental restrictions, the graffiti cleaning cost are exploding, since all residues must be collected and afterwards disposed of properly. When failing to comply with those restrictions you are facing severe penalties.

In many countries, the use of chemical cleaning agents in not allowed anymore in general. That's why an eco-friendly cleaning machine like the Tornado ACS of systeco is the right choice. The direct comparison has shown, that for the cleaning of graffiti, the cleaning machines Tornado ACS are about 30 % cheaper than conventional cleanings systems. The savings lie mainly in the preparation and the process.

The vacuum blasting

It is still not as widespread and known as the forementioned methods, but it is the most effective method if you want to clean graffiti inexpensively and environmentally friendly. It is environmentally friendly, since everything remains in a closed cycle and cheap since the running costs are very low. Due to the permanent re-use of the granules, you can count with about 0,50 - 0,80 €/qm for the granulate. The power costs about € 0.20 / sqm which can be neglected in the calculation. You don't need protective clothing and barriers are not required. Furthermore, a great advantage of the vacuum blast method is the use of the system even at minus temperatures in winter. The cleaning machine is explained in 5 minutes and can be operated by anybody.

Tornado ACS cleaning systems keep the graffiti cleaning costs low and the environment clean!

With the Tornado ACS cleaning machines contractors cannot just offer their customers low cost graffiti cleaning costs but also protect the environment. The systeco cleaning technology works completely without high pressure, water and chemicals. The cleaning machine Tornado ACS works in a closed cycle with the vacuum blast method, that way no ablation residues can penetrate to the outside. All materials are collected in the filter of the machine and can be disposed of environmentally friendly after the cleaning process.

Graffiti cleaning was never that easy!

There are no significant learning times for employees required, as the cleaning machines of systeco are easy to operate and thus make graffiti removal a breeze. To work with Tornado ACS no protective clothing is required. When working on busy streets barriers are not required either. All this reduces the cost of graffiti removal considerably.

If you want to find out more about graffiti cleaning costs with cleaning machines of systeco, have a look at one of our wide-ranging website or just contact one of systecos trade partner.