Graffiti removal on roughcast

For graffiti removal on roughcast, it takes much more than a brush and water. Also, commercial cleaners are showing only little success. Once the spray paint is sucked into the roughcast and completely hardened, a mechanical cleaning is usually the next step.
What's more, a pressure washer can cause more damage than being useful, since the substance of the roughcast can be damaged, which makes a subsequent repairing necessary.

Graffiti removal on roughcast with vacuum blasting

With systeco´s cleaning technology Tornado ACS that won't happen, because the cleaning machines Tornado ACS work especially thorough and gentle on surfaces made of roughcast. Thanks to the innovative vacuum blast method the paint is removed from roughcast, even out of the smallest immersions and surface irregularities, without damaging the surface. The operation of the Tornado ACS is very easy, special health and safety measures or prior knowledge are not required.

Graffiti removal on roughcasr with Tornado ACS,
that's how it works!

The cleaning technology systeco is based on negative instead of high pressure and works in a closed cycle, from where no debris can penetrate the environment. To make this possible, the jet cap, which is connected by a suction hose with the cleaning machine, is placed on the graffiti polluted area. Now you have to evenly move the jet lance over the surface. Through the vision panels the cleaning process can be observed, how the graffiti loosens from the rough cast and disappears immediately through the suction hose inside the filter system of the cleaning machine. This important advantage does not only protect the environment but also makes the work on pebble dash facades on busy streets possible, without barriers.

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Graffiti removal on different plaster-systems

To receive more information about the advamteages of systecos cleaning technology, have a look on our website or just visit one of trade partners nearby.