The innovative graffiti solution system

Are you working in the facade cleaning business and are looking for an eco-friendly solution for graffiti on house facades? Then you should have a look at the green graffiti solution system of systeco.

systeco offers a solution for graffiti

systeco's cleaning technology needs neither water, nor high pressure or chemicals to remove graffiti from surfaces. Our eco-friendly cleaning technique works based on the principle of the vacuum blast system, where the removed dirt stays in the closed cycle of the machine where it is collected in a filter system. This makes an eco-friendly disposal of all residues possible.


  • no environmental regulations for the graffiti removal
  • normal power supply 230 V~
  • no barriers required
  • without water and chemicals
  • protective clothing is not necessary

With systeco´s graffiti solution system
you are ahead of time!

The cleaning machines of systeco are light and compact and therefore easy to transport. They can be used anywhere and even work at minus temperatures. No matter on which surface and on what material you want to remove graffiti, if on concrete, brick, naturals tone or tile, with the eco-friendly graffiti solution technology, all of it can be completely cleaned.

If you want to find out more about  systeco´graffiti solution technology, just contact one of our trade partner. Our cleaning machines are removing not only graffiti without a problem, but also efflorescence, moss, algae, pollution from exhaust gases and many more.