Cleaning machine for tile

If you are looking for a cleaning machine for tiles, that works efficient and ecological we have exactly the right machine for you. The cleaning machine for tile of systeco has all advantages for a modern building cleaning. They are light and compact and can be used anywhere and are very low in noise. The handling of the cleaning machine for tile doesn't require any prior knowledge, and protective clothing is also not necessary.

Tile cleaning with the ecological cleaning technology "made in Germany"

With the cleaning machine for tile, tile and grouts are cleaned completely without pressure, water and chemicals. No
matter if they are tiles on walls or floors, in- or outside. Even non-slip tiles with their rough surface and the grooves
are no problem for the cleaning machine Tornado ACS. Due to the environmentally friendly vacuum blast method 
developed in Germany, even the most stubborn impurities like rust and paint can be removed residue-free and
surface gentle.

That's how the cleaning machine for tile works

All you need to get the cleaning machine for tile Tornado ACS up and running, is a normal power supply and blast media (granulate).

If the machine is equipped with blast media, it accelerates it when switching on the system due to the vacuum and is directed by the jet lance directly on to the soiled area. The high impact speed of the granules which is 400 km/h, removes the dirt quickly and thoroughly from the surface, without damaging it.

Find out more about the cleaning machine for tiles on our website or directly from one of our trade partner.