Cleaning non slip tiles with Tornado ACS

Due to their rough and non-slip surface, non-slip tiles pollute very quickly and should be subject to periodic and thorough treatments. Especially in canteen kitchens, spas, showers in gymnasiums or swimming pools, with special hygienic standards, it is important to clean non-slip tiles thoroughly. We, of systeco have developed an advanced cleaning technology.

Vacuum blasting instead of pressure washers

For non-slip tiles cleaning there is nothing better than systeco's cleaning equipment Tornado ACS. The innovative cleaning technology works completely without high pressure, water and chemical detergents. Neither waste water develops, nor are debris spread into the environment. Thanks to the patented vacuum blast method, a cleaning of non-slip tiles can be done without interrupting the public business and without polluting the environment. Cleaning non-slip tiles becomes easy with systeco.

Cleaning non-slip tiles, easily done with Tornado ACS!

Even the most difficult soiling like rust can be cleaned without leaving any trace without damaging the surface or the joints. Try it yourself! The Tornado ACS can be operated by anyone since previous knowledge is unnecessary, they are light, compact and silent. In order to work with cleaning machine Tornado ACS only the appropriate blast media and a normal power connection is necessary. 

Systeco's cleaning technology is not only optimal for cleaning non-slip tiles, but also suits well for facade cleaning, staircase restoration and monumental care. On top of it, photo engravings can be created with the vacuum blast method. Further information you will find on our website

Non slip tile cleaning without business interruption

Non-slip tile cleaning without high pressure, water and chemicals

Industrial kitchens, swimming pools and spas need a constant workflow without interruptions such as by cleaning processes. The non-slip tile cleaning is a special challenge under this kind of circumstances. An effective basic cleaning is difficult to accomplish during running business, but systeco's cleaning technology makes it possible.

There is another way - without high pressure, without water and without chemicals

The Tornado ACS cleaning machine uses a modern technique called vacuum blasting with special granulate. It assures an eco-friendly cleaning process of the security tiles. It is similar to a light and gentle sanding process which removes the soiling coat. 

With systeco's cleaning technology all impurities can be removed fast and eco-friendly. Operating the cleaning machine can be done during running business and is therefore the perfect alternative to pressure washers. Even rust stains can be completely removed in a few minutes. The innovative vacuum blast method, also called negative pressure blasting, neither damages the tile's surface nor the grouts. The cleaning machine can be used inside as well as outside. The cleaning technology works completely without water and chemical detergents. All it needs, is a power source of 230 V.

Non-slip tile cleaning during public business is no problem at all, since the cleaning is done in a closed cycle. The granulate can be re-used up to 100 times. The entire debris remains in the closed cycle of the system and is disposed only when the filter is cleaned. Special skills are not required. The closed cycle enables a dust-free work without protective clothes.