Restoration of stair tiles

The restoration of stair tiles is a difficult job. The biggest challenge is, to keep the staircase accessible during the restoration. The upper floors are usually not accessible otherwise. How to solve this problem?

Restoration of stair tiles

In an apartment building in Berlin, the entrance stairs to be completely cleaned with safety tiles. The safety grooves of very old tiles are added with old floor wax. This to get back out of the grooves, is by conventional means such as high-pressure cleaners or chemical very difficult

Also in this case there is only one staircase to the upper floors. Blocking the stairs would have to block the upper floors a result, which is not required in this case. In the upper floors are several apartments, which must remain accessible.

With the cleaning machine Tornado ACS that type of problem can be easily solved. All soilings are removed from the grooves residue free. The staircase can be used by the residents at all times.

Due to the closed cycle no blast media nd granulate can enetr the outside. Therefore no further soilings develop in the entrance hall during the restoration of stair tiles

It is blasted with the fine jet glass SG 150, which can be re-used in the cycle up to a 100 times. The running costs are therefore very low.