Sandstone remediation eco friendly

To return facades, floors and stairs made of sandstone back to its timeless and classic beauty, it is necessary to clean and remediate them from time to time. With the vacuum blast machines Tornado ACS sandstone remediation eco friendly is possible. The work can be performed directly in public. The operation is simple and special barriers are not required.

systeco already offers modern companys in the fields of monumental-, facade and building cleaners advanced cleaning technology. With the cleaning machines of systeco sandstone and all other naturals stone surfaces are easily cleaned and remediated, without damaging the surface or polluting the environment.

Eco friendly sandstone remediation

systeco´s vacuum blast machines do neither require high pressure, water nor chemicals, they are easy to handle and can be used both inside and outside. The cleaning process happens with blast media (granulate), which only remains in the closed cycle of the machine. Also all developped ablation residue is sucked off immediately and is collected in a filter system of the machine.

Sandstone remediation easy done

With the vacuum blast machines of Systeco remediation of sandstone facades, floors and staircases is no problem even in open public. Barriers are not required, nor is the use of safety glasses or safety gloves. Employees can be trained quickly, special knowledge is not required.

Innovative cleaning technology,
made in Germany,
for innovative companys

If we have aroused your interest, then have a look what else is possible with syssteco´s vacuum blast technology beside the eco friendly remediation of sandstone. Detailed information on all areas of application can be found here on our website, or directly at one of systeco trade partners.