Non environmental burdening cleaning machines

Nowadays non environmental burdening cleaning machines for cleaning companys have an increasing importance. Regulatory requirements and a steady growing ecological awareness provide the cleaning pros entire new challenges.

To master these problems we of systeco have developed a cleaning machine, which cleans all mineral surfaces non environmental burdening.

Non environmental burdening
cleaning machines Tornado ACS

Pressure washers, acid and solvents were used in the past, today eco-friendly and sustainable ecological methods are wanted. With cleaning machines Tornado ACS even the most persistant pollutes such as graffiti, efflorescence, rust and moss are cleaned without high pressure, water and chemicals. And all that without special safety measures or without blocking off the work space. Even in public business work can be done trouble free.

This is made possible by the innovative vacuum blast method, which removes impurities by negative pressure and blast media (granulate), layer by layer completely off the surface. The emerged removals are collected in the filter system of the machine and are disposed non environmental burdening after the cleaning process.

Non environmental burdening cleaning machines and much more...

The cleaning machines Tornado ACS guarantee not only a non environmental burdening cleaning, but also an especially gentle treatment of the surface to be cleaned. No matter if it is on brick, plaster, naturals tone, concrete, tiles or coat of paint. The cleaning machine Tornado ACS doesn´t leave any traces, so that even sensitive subsurfaces appear like new again. Depending on the surface texture and the degree of pollution, only the right blast media on the granulate chart has to be chosen.

The cleaning machines of systeco can be used indoors and outdoors and even at minus temperatures. The operation is simple and completely safe. There is no special knowledge required and tohave to wear protective glasses and gloves is not necessary.

Further information about non environmental burdening cleaning machines of systeco, find here on our website or directly at one of our trade partner.