Cleaning technology without chemicals

A cleaning technique without chemicals is rarely found, since the conventional cleaning of facades and floors is mostly carried out with chemical cleaning agents and high pressure. In conventional cleaning, as a rule, much water and chemistry is brought to the surface. In many cases this is no longer desired. There are even some countries where the use of chemistry, e.g. Is completely forbidden. The dirty, mostly contaminated water must be disposed of as hazardous waste. The costs and costs for disposal are disproportionate.

Cleaning technology without chemicals -
the revolutionary innovative cleaning method

The extreme cleaning effect is achieved with dry vacuum blasting by removing the dirt layer, similar to a grinding process. Thereto systeco cleaning technology requires neither water nor chemicals. All residue removals remain in a closed cycle of the machine and are collected in a filter system. That way you are not only protecting the surface but also the environment.

systeco - innovative cleaning technology without chemicals

All it needs for cleaning with the innovative Tornado ACS cleaning technology without chemicals is a normal power supply and the appropriate balst media or granulate. The choice of the right blasting media depends primarily on the type of surface to be cleaned.

For brick, natural stone and concrete jet glass and asilit suits the best. For more sensitive surfaces, like polished granite or glazed tile the special granulate nutshell comes to use. An overview of the different granules and there application fields you can find here: blast medium (granulate)

Convince yourself of the advantages of innovative cleaning technology without high pressure, water and chemicals from systeco. Not only house facades and terrace floors can be cleaned, but also stripping, creating photo engravings and fire damage restoration.