Removal of floor markings eco-friendly

Painted floor markings are not easy to remove, especially when it should be done during ongoing production and floating dirt is unwanted. With cleaning machine Tornado ACS the removal of floor markings is done eco-friendly. The paint is completely removed from concrete, metal or plastic. Rubberized linings and foils can not be removed using the vacuum blast method.

Removal of floor markings on metal and concrete

In our sample floor markings on a metal floor must be removed. The production process is to continue unhindered. This is only possible with the vacuum blast method from systeco. Only the surfaces with the color markings are stripped. The paint removal work can be performed by the company's own staff or external service providers.

Due to the closed cycle, dirt and granules remain inside of the system.
Color markings can be removed just as well on concrete floors. The great advantage with the vacuum blasting is, that no barriers are necessary and there is no contamination of the environment. The cleaning machine Tornado ACS is also suitable for floor cleaning in preparation for new color markings. Due to the vacuum blasting, an excellent adhesion is created, on which the new color permanently holds.

The vacuum blast method is also suitable for many other jobs. Always when it comes to work in public or in ongoing operation without causing external contamination, the cleaning machine Tornado ACS with its vacuum blast technique is the first choice.

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With the vacuum blast method, not only the removal of floor markings can be done. The possible applications are very diverse.