Cleaning technology without high pressure

Is that possible? A cleaning technology without high pressure is hard to imagine, since the conventional cleaning of facades and floors was always done with high pressure.
In high-pressure blasting, as a rule, much water and chemistry are brought to the surface. Also with sandblasting the blast media and the removal is are spread into the environment. Both is not wanted in most of the cases. The polluted and mostly contaminated water has to be lavishly disposed as hazardous waste, the same applies to the contaminated blast media. The effort and cost for the disposal are comparatively high.
If it comes to cleaning technology without high pressure, there is nothing better than the eco-friendly cleaning machines Tornado ACS, with the innovative vacuum blast method. The patented cleaning technology enables residue-free removal of graffiti and environmental contamination on all mineral substrates and much more.

Perfect floor- and facade cleaning with cleaning technology without high pressure

No matter if brick-, concrete-, plaster-, EIFS-facades, stairways or natural stone terraces, the cleaning machines of systeco can be used everywhere. Even the must stubborn pollutes like rust and graffiti are removed without any problems. Tornado ACS cleaning machines are light and compact, have a low noise level and all you need to work is a normal power supply.

Cleaning technology without water, without chemicals and high pressure

With the eco-friendly vacuum blast method, which works in a closed cycle, no residues enter the environment. The dirt is not distributed in the area, as with a high-pressure cleaner, and there is also no contaminated water, which must be carefully collected and disposed of as hazardous waste. With Tornado ACS cleaning machines the removal residues can be completely environmentally friendly after the working process.

The cleaning machines Tornado ACS are also suitable foreignen sich ebenfalls bestens für die stair remediation, floor tile cleaning, boat stripping, fire damage restoration and for monumental cleaning.

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