Removing efflorescence - cleaning technology Tornado ACS

Brick facades or natural stone walls on which you can find efflorescence appear unkempt and unsightly. Efflorescence is formed by the oxidation of nitrogen-containing organic substances, such as for example animal excrement in connection with lime from walls. The results are unsightly white slides, which are called efflorescence.

Removing efflorescence, but how?

One way to do this is using commercial chemical nitric removers and to take off efflorescence with a brush by hand.

A much simpler and environmentally friendly method for removing efflorescence is the cleaning machine Tornado ACS with its unique vacuum blasting method.

The cleaning equipment Tornado ACS is easy to handle and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Residue-free the efflorescence is removed from the masonry, whereby stones and grouts are completely cleaned.

It requires no prior knowledge, the physical effort to use the machine is at a minimum, and there are no special safety measures needed.

This environmentally friendly cleaning technology is the perfect alternative to classic sandblasting, so the dry ice blasting and the high pressure cleaner are not comparable with this unique cleaning method.

Removing efflorescence, environmentally safe!

The innovative cleaning technique works in a closed cycle, which doesn't allow substances to penetrate to the outside. The waste disposal only takes place when the filter is cleaned. If you want to remove efflorescence from your house facade sustainably and well-kept, take advantage of the cleaning technique Tornado ACS. The revolutionary vacuum blast method will convince you

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With the eco friendly vacuum blasting technology from systeco one can not only remove efflorescence. The application possibilities of the Tornado ACS system are very diverse.