Ecological facade cleaning

Ecological facade cleaning is very important today. Traditional methods, such as high-pressure blasting, have had their day, as they do not meet the current demands for environmental protection and climate neutrality in facade cleaning. This means no use of chemical substances that have to be disposed of at great expense, no use of high-pressure jetting that spreads dirt and granulate in the area and no additional consumption of water. With vacuum blasting technology from systeco Reinigungstechnik, you fulfil these requirements perfectly. The aim is therefore to reduce ecological damage. Everyone benefits from this. Our ecological cleaning technology takes our global commitment to environmental and climate protection to the next level.

At systeco, you will find cleaning technology for ecological facade cleaning in various designs.

Ecological facade cleaning

Facade cleaning without high pressure - is that possible?

Yes, it works very well if you use the right method. The high-pressure hot water variant works in the same way as the manual method with a chemical agent for graffiti removal. The chemical solution is applied to the surface to be cleaned and then removed with a high-pressure jet. The method can by no means be described as gentle or ecological. On the one hand, the substrate can be damaged, on the other hand, the environment is considerably polluted by this technique. Therefore, according to current legislation, a costly collection of the contaminated water is always necessary, which makes the procedure considerably more expensive. With the low-pressure wet blasting method, a mixture of air and water and possibly a blasting agent is blasted onto the façade. Depending on the surface and type of soiling, the pressure is adjusted. The disadvantage of this method is that components of the plaster can be exposed. Often, distinct shadows appear on the walls and facades.

With the vacuum blasting method, only negative pressure is used. However, this method differs considerably from the aforementioned methods. The vacuum sucks the abrasive out of the storage container. In the blasting lance, the granulate is accelerated to approx. 400 km/h and hits the graffiti to be removed. The paint is loosened by the impact of the granulate. The advantage of the method is that it is a closed circuit, as the blasting material is automatically sucked back into the container through a hose by means of negative pressure. The dirt and paint particles are filtered out in a cyclone. The granulate goes back into the circuit. The cleaning system is easy to operate so that it can also be used by non-professionals. Vacuum blasting is also called a minimally abrasive process. This makes it ideal for very sensitive surfaces.

How does ecological facade cleaning work?

Facade cleaning with high pressure and chemicals are not ecological. These two methods consume too many resources and pollute the environment with toxins and additional water consumption. There is a simple and ecological solution to this problem, which we and our customers are completely enthusiastic about.  

We have turned pressure blasting on its head and developed vacuum blasting. It works without high pressure, without water and without chemicals. Almost all surfaces and substrates, both indoors and outdoors, can be cleaned in a residue-free and environmentally friendly way. Everything remains in a closed cycle. What remains are clean surfaces and gleaming facades.

Does façade cleaning work without chemicals?

The use of chemicals is a common variant of façade cleaning. With such chemical agents, you can certainly lend a hand yourself. But be careful! The manufacturers usually promise that the cleaning agents are harmless and biodegradable. Unfortunately, this is not always true. As a rule, the use of chemical agents is only suitable for small areas. In a final step, the surface has to be re-washed and that is where the next problem arises. The chemical solutions are usually quite aggressive, and if handled incorrectly, these methods can quickly cause damage to the substrate.

But there is another way. With vacuum blasting from systeco, façade cleaning is done completely without chemicals. The surfaces are cleaned without leaving any residue and are simply clean afterwards. 

Why is ecological facade cleaning so important?

We all want to live in a beautiful environment without smog and pollutants. For this to work, we have to rethink many aspects of our lives. We have to think and act ecologically. The cleaning of facades and the removal of graffiti are a small building block in our ecological system. But every building block is important so that in the end we have a solid house. That is why ecological graffiti removal is so important, so that we waste as few resources as possible and do not introduce new chemicals and toxins into the environment. Vacuum blasting is the only ecological way to remove graffiti in the future.

Ecological removal of smearings off facades

Your properties have become unsightly due to daubing and graffiti? You don't know how to remove this in an environmentally friendly way? We have a simple and ecological solution for exactly this, which we and our customers are completely enthusiastic about. We have turned pressure blasting on its head and do it the other way round with vacuum blasting. This works without high pressure, without water and without chemicals. Almost all surfaces and substrates indoors and outdoors can be cleaned without leaving any residue.

This not only sounds good, it also works perfectly. Because with the vacuum blasting method from systeco, you use the gentlest and most ecological method for people, the environment and the object to be cleaned to remove annoying dirt and smears from the façade without leaving any residue.

Cost-effective and climate-neutral at any location and can be performed during operation.

  • Almost any indoor or outdoor surface can be cleaned with this method.
  • Lead-containing or other paint toxins are collected and filtered during cleaning.
  • The previous time-consuming separation and disposal of waste water or paint sludge is no longer necessary.
  • Flexible use, in the shortest possible time, at all locations - even during ongoing operations.
  • Neither our staff nor your employees in the vicinity of the operation need to wear protective clothing. In contrast to high-pressure cleaning, which always involves abrasion of the substrate, this method allows you to preserve the substrate for the first time - only the graffiti is removed.
  • ​​​​​What remains is a clean surface that looks like new.

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The ecological vacuum blasting process from systeco cleaning technology is not only used for cleaning facades. The process is also used in fire damage restoration, for removing floor markings, for photo engravings and for cleaning gravestones. The possible applications are very diverse and described in detail on our pages.