Graffiti cleaning machines of systeco

Are you upset about graffiti on your nice house facade? Then just use the graffiti cleaning machines Tornado ACS of systeco and put graffities to an end with the cleaning technology.

With graffiti cleaning machines Tornado ACS removing graffiti is easily done, without polluting the environment. In order to clean graffities from house walls, neither water nor high pressure and detergents are necessary if you are using the Tornado ACS.

Graffiti cleaning machines environmentally friendly

No matter if it is concrete, brick, plaster, natural stone or EIFS-facades, the innovative vacuum blast method of systeco cleans graffiti completely surface  gentle and eco-friendly. Graffiti and other impurities on building surfaces are cleaned completely by vacuum and granulate layer by layer, so your house facade looks like new again. The cleaning process avoids debris entering the environment, all substances remain in the closed circuit of the machine and can be disposed of after work.

Graffiti cleaning has never been easier than with systeco's ­machines

The graffiti cleaning machines of systeco are light and compact and easy to operate. Special physical effort is not required. The cleaning machines are very low in noise, can be used everywhere and can even operate during minus temperatures. Find out yourself about how easy it is to clean graffiti from house facades with graffiti cleaning machines Tornado ACS of systeco.