The graffiti removal machine Tornado ACS

You want to remove graffiti from a house facade, than just forget about pressure washers or chemical detergents. Try the graffiti removal machine Tornado ACS of systeco, the optimal graffiti removal machine which can completely remove graffiti on brick, concrete, plaster, natural stone, plastic und EIFS-facades as well as on all mineral surfaces. Even the most stubborn impurities can easily be removed, so that any facade looks like new again.

Graffiti easily removed from all facades!

The graffiti removal machine is easy to operate, no experience is required and no safety measures are necessary. With the graffiti removal from building facades on busy roads, no barriers are required. In addition, the graffiti removal machine Tornado ACS machines is impressive not only because of its low noise level, but also by the special surface gentle vacuum blasting technology.

Graffiti removal machine Tornado ACS works on facades and is gentle to the environment

Graffitis and all other impurities are removed by the unique vacuum blasting process layer by layer, without damaging the surface or the grouts. All residues ablation land immediately in the filter system of the cleaning machine and can be disposed comfortable and environmentally friendly after cleaning.

Try it yourself, graffiti removal has never been easier than with the graffiti removal machine of Systeco. Just get in touch with one of our trading partners to convince yourself of the benefits of systeco cleaning equipment, or contact us directly at Systeco cleaning technology. For more information about systeco´s graffiti removal machine you see yourself in tranquility on our website to: