Mobile blast unit

The Tornado ACS is the worlds smallest mobile blast unit,
which works with the vacuum blast method of systeco.

The mobile blast unit of systeco cleaning technology is very versatile. At first the vacuum blast unit reminds you of a converted vaccum cleaner. But behind it a unique technique is hidden. The jet hood is placed onto the surface and adheres to it by produced negative pressure. The jet lance inserted into the jed hood closes the cycle. The blast media is sucked into the jet lance by negative pressure and is accelerated up to 400 km/h. After the impact on the work surface the granules and the removal are sucked off. The dirt is filtered off and the blast media gets back again to the storage container. The unit suits for very gentle blasting work. It is ideal for jobs, where completely dust-free work has to be done. A further advantage is that no compressor is required for generating compressed air.

Mobile Blast Unit with Vacuum Blast Method

The vacuum blast method has many advantages compared to conventional pressure blasting methods. Due to the high impact speed hard substances are broken up and removed, soft substances absorb the energy immediately. That means, thick efflorescence- or limescale can be removed well, chewing gum and other soft substances cannot be solved off the surface with the vacuum blast method. Furthermore the use of the vacuum blast technology is only possible on dry areas.

Mobile blast unit in use

The greatest advantage of the vacuum blasting is the closed cycle, which allows a permanent use of blast media and working without protectivce clothing. A further advantage of the vacuum blast method is the easy handling and the low noise level of the eco-friendly cleaning machine. Moreover the vacuum blasting with the Tornado ACS can be done at any socket.

The mobile blast unit cleans persistant and difficult contaminants almost on all surfaces like: brick, concrete, plaster, natural stone, tile, wood, plastic and metal. With the eco friendly method the surfaces won´t be damaged.

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